Monday, December 19, 2011

Animal Channels

Post contributed by Josue Durham
I can't believe all the science channels that are on our Direct tv. My son loves all the animal shows that teach all about some exotic animal. He goes around telling everyone all these random facts about some bat that lives in Africa and how it decides what to eat on how it smells. My favorite was this show my husband and I watched the other night about how the mind works. It was an interactive show where you got to actually test what they were teaching you. They had these dancers on a stage and we were told to focus on there feet and count the number of times their feet stepped in the circles that were on the floor. My husband and I were determine we would be able to focus and count the correct number of times. At the end of the dance, we had counting correctly and we were patting ourselves on the back proud of how attentive we are to details. Then the host said, “you may have counted correctly, but did you notice the giant panda bear that walked across the stage?”. What! There is no way that we missed that detail! Then they played it back and plain as day a giant panda walked across the stage! We had totally missed it because we were so focused on the dancers' feet.