Sunday, December 5, 2010

Philippine Vacation 2010 - Surigao Here we come!

My hubby and kids were waiting outside the airport in hope that
my family was there to meet us. But we didn’t see any of them. All the passengers were slowly gone and only a few people left, including us. All the excitement I felt was melting down and turn to disappointment and sadness.
We hired a tricycle to take us to our hotel and I can’t help wonder why they didn’t come and meet us? To ease my crazy thoughts I sent a message to my niece and asked where in the world are they? Then, I found out that they were actually coming but the jeepney they were hiring were broken and need to be fixed. The news calmed me down.
We stayed in our favorite hotel in Surigao City. It had changed a lot since our last vacation. Anyway, my families finally showed up in the hotel after an hour of waiting. They were all looked exhausted and hungry. I took them to the restaurant for a late lunch. We started talking and exchanging greetings while waiting our food. My kids were shy seeing their aunts, nieces and grandma. The last time my kids saw my family was three years ago and they were young. I was happy to see my siblings, especially my mother. I noticed that she lost weight and was getting on in age. One of the reasons we visited my family was to celebrate my mother’s 75th birthday. I was starving for Filipino cuisine but the food wasn’t ready yet. It took the restaurant 30 minutes before the food arrived since we ordered a lot.
My siblings were fascinated with my kids, I guess because they thought they are beautiful. My kids are beautiful indeed! It was late afternoon when we finished eating. We really had a good conversation with good food and we didn’t notice the time. The exhaustion I felt earlier was totally gone after I saw my family.
I got three rooms for my family so they can relax and rest. It will be a big day in the morning. We headed to our room and finished our conversation until we all became tired and fell asleep. Even though I was still tired I got up very early the next day and could not go back to sleep. I took shower and packed up again for our trip to my village while my kids and hubby are still snoring. Then, I made a list of all the things I want to do along with a list of all the groceries.