Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Philippine Vacation 2010.

Time rolled so fast and I can't believe it's already one month since we returned from our trip from the Philippines. We flew from Boise to Seattle all the way to Korea and Philippines. Whew! it was a long and tiresome flight. I didn't realized how miserable it was when you are running from your next flight to another. Anyway, over all it was amazing!

We stayed in a beach resort in Cebu on our first day in the Philippines. We arrived at the resort late at night and we are starving and exhausted. Luckily they have a 24 hour service. Right after we checked-in we took a shower and headed to the restaurant for chow. It was 3 am when we all finally knocked down and got up before lunch.
It’s a nice and quite place for relaxing, it had a beauty of nature that I’ve always dream to go once in awhile. The kids are enjoying and so was hubby. We explored the place and found it so delightful. We had a wonderful dinner with my high school friend that night, we chatted remembering the old times. She brought her beautiful girl with her and got to see and meet my kids. We still had not recovered from our long trip. We left the restaurant before midnight and packed up again for the trip next day. We got up very early to get ready for another flight to see my folks in Surigao. The flight from Cebu City to Surigao City will take 45 minutes. So here we come Surigao! I haven’t seen my folks for three years and I was so excited to see them. Anyhow, we arrived in Surigao City on time.

Right after the plane landed I felt like I wanted to jump out so I can see my family. The weather was hot when we arrived in Surigao. When I walked down it amazed me when the airline crews handed an umbrella to each passenger.

I told my husband to meet my family outside while I am waiting for our luggage. The porter was kind enough to assist us with all our baggage. Of course, I need to pay him:-) that is how it works.

Continue later.