Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Planning our trip to the Philippines.

It has been 3 years since our last visit to the Philippines. The kids are growing up and they can hardly remember the memories we have with our folks back home. A lot of things changed - - - I got my citizenship, the kids are both in school, and we finally finished the house we built in the Philippines.

Every year since our last visit - - - we planned on visiting, but due to circumstances; like hubby was sent overseas or the kids are in School, we couldn't manage. So, this year we plan to go visit my family, thinking about the vacation makes me excited. I miss them - - - especially my mother. They are all excited as well to know that we are planning for a vacation and spending time talking, eating ,and laughing , that is the most exciting part I am looking forward to in our empending trip.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

School Is Here.

I finally finished buying all the school supplies and stuff needed for my kids. To make them more excited I let them choose the things on the lists that was given by the school. I can see the excitement on their face, especially my 5 year old son who is going to be in kindergarten this fall. They are good to go. The school will start next week and it means staying up late is over.

The other day I told my son to study his ABC's and 123's as a preparation for school. Instead of saying," yes mommy", he just directly replied, "those are boring." I was shocked when he say that. I know he doesn't understand how school is important. I explained to him that it is very important to learn and school is fun. I also told him that school is an adventure that will shape his life as he grows up. I hope he understands that.