Saturday, November 28, 2009


I was sitting in my comfy couch late this afternoon, when I thought of writing my blog that has been sleeping for an ages. I know that I am fond of writing, even though my grammar is poor but I am trying to use simple English with the hope the readers can understand.

Anyway, I will start to blog about of how thankful I am. Just two days ago we celebrated Thanksgiving. It started a simple breakfast with my family and a dinner later in the day. Since we live far from both families we celebrated it; just me, hubby, and our two kids. One week ago we decide to make a reservation to eat out, but it changed after we went to Costco. Hubby saw a small turkey breast and he thought would be enough for the four of us. I knew this would happen, especially since it was kind of cold to go out and eat. And yes, we had a good Thanksgiving celebration.
It is not everyday that I say thanks for everything I have; until I learned to say it everyday after I get out of bed. I make a habit to start my day with a positive attitude. I can't be thankful enough to our Heavenly Father for trusting me in all the things in life; for my family, my hubby, my two beautiful children and friends. These are the few of many things that I am grateful.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lucky Brand.

It has been seven years since I first heard of this line of clothing called, Lucky Brand. My first month here in the U.S.A. hubby and I went to the mall to shop for clothes. I was attracted to lucky brand shorts and tees because of the style and colors. From the time I tried it on I didn't want to go home without it. It was very comfortable and it fits really good. I have enjoyed it for many years. The quality is outstanding.

Just recently I learned that my sister in law is a big fan of this Lucky Brand jeans. I was surprised, almost all her jeans are Lucky Brand. This gives me an idea of what to get her this coming Christmas. I've been started to look online for gifts and I will put Lucky Brand at the top of my list.