Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentines...

I love this month not just because the spring is around the corner but it is because everybody celebrates the so-called ‘love month ‘.
Roses and chocolates are everywhere and sweet kisses too . . . We didn’t go out though because hubby came home late from work. I thought he forgot this day . . . but, he didn’t . . . he brought me flowers, jewelry, and card. The children got theirs too. He said he would take us to dinner this weekend. . . Which is the usual thing we do on weekend. When he handed me the presents the first thing that caught my eyes is the card . . . it was beautiful . . . it has a nice bows and the content says everything. The children love theirs too and they carried it all the time . . . till they get bored and the next thing you see it is in the corner and all crushed up. I love my presents of course . . . it was my favorite thing. I hope you all had a good valentines too.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a beautifu day....

It is Tuesday and I am finished doing all the chores from cleaning to laundry . . . this is only a good exercise for me for the winter. The kids are in the playroom and making a big mess . . . they are my so-called war department . . . if you know what I mean. Luckily, Marianne was trained to clean up the mess afterwards . . . she is so good with that and I am very proud of her and so with Kenny, who is always taking all the stuffs from Marianne after cleaning.
Anyway, it is 44 degrees outside so I try to bring the kids and play the yard. It is like summer to me . . . it’s pleasant and Marianne asked where the clouds go mommy . . . you can’t see anything but a blue skies . . . very beautiful . . . what a beautiful day that I thought all winter is cold . . . at least here in Boise.