Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooky Hallow♥

My kids had a great time attending the Spooky Hallow trick or treat at Camp Humphreys, last Friday. It was an event Camp Humphrey’s community organizes every year for the children and family. It was fun and exciting to wear different costumes!

My 7 year old boy wore a pirate costume and Marianne, my 9 year old girl was dressed up as a witch. It was a clear warm night with a crescent shaped moon in the sky, much different from last year as I remember.
We met some friends and we sat and talked on the ground while watching the Charlie Brown “The Great Pumpkin” on a outdoor movie screen. The kids we’re running around having fun and getting treats from the different booths. The booths were run by soldiers.
Some soldiers dressed up as zombies and did the Michael Jackson,“Thriller” dance. I thought that was awesome! They also did the Gangnam Style dance with the children. It was a fun night for everybody! ♥Happy Halloween everyone♥


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